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super nintendo roms
Game ROMs
metal combat - falcon's revenge romMetal Combat - Falcon's Revenge
nba live '96 romNBA Live '96
al unser jr's road to the top romAl Unser Jr's Road To The Top
rocko's modern life - spunky's dangerous day romRocko's Modern Life - Spunky's Dangerous Day
madden nfl '97 romMadden NFL '97
jim lee's wildc.a.t.s romJim Lee's WildC.A.T.S
mario's early years - fun with letters romMario's Early Years - Fun With Letters
lion's porno party 1 (pd) romLion's Porno Party 1 (PD)
harley's humongous adventure romHarley's Humongous Adventure
capcom's mvp football romCapcom's MVP Football
mark davis' the fishing master romMark Davis' The Fishing Master
madden nfl '95 romMadden NFL '95
roger clemens' mvp baseball romRoger Clemens' MVP Baseball
simpsons, the - krusty's world romSimpsons, The - Krusty's World
spanky's quest romSpanky's Quest
mario wrecking crew '98 (np) romMario Wrecking Crew '98 (NP)
nhl '97 romNHL '97
wayne's world romWayne's World
michael andretti's indy car challenge romMichael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge
mario's early years - fun with numbers romMario's Early Years - Fun With Numbers
porky pig's haunted holiday (sunsoft) romPorky Pig's Haunted Holiday (Sunsoft)
george foreman's ko boxing (v1.1) romGeorge Foreman's KO Boxing (V1.1)
bill laimbeer's combat basketball romBill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball
madden nfl '96 romMadden NFL '96
kyle petty's no fear racing romKyle Petty's No Fear Racing
fighter's history 2 - mizoguchi kiki ippatsu romFighter's History 2 - Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu
john madden football '93 romJohn Madden Football '93
madden nfl '94 romMadden NFL '94
tony meola's sidekicks soccer romTony Meola's Sidekicks Soccer
pop 'n' twinbee romPop 'N' Twinbee
nobunaga's ambition - lord of darkness romNobunaga's Ambition - Lord Of Darkness
nhl '96 romNHL '96
yoshi's island (v1.0) .srm romYoshi's Island (V1.0) .srm
we're back! a dinosaur's story romWe're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
nigel mansell's f-1 challenge romNigel Mansell's F-1 Challenge
pop 'n' twinbee - rainbow bell adventure romPop 'N' Twinbee - Rainbow Bell Adventure
nolan ryan's baseball romNolan Ryan's Baseball
demon's blazon romDemon's Blazon
mary shelley's frankenstein romMary Shelley's Frankenstein
magical pop'n romMagical Pop'n
porky pig's haunted holiday romPorky Pig's Haunted Holiday
dolucky's a league soccer romDolucky's A League Soccer
jimmy houston's bass tournament u.s.a. romJimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A.
nhl '95 romNHL '95
mini 4ku shining scopion let's & go! romMini 4ku Shining Scopion Let's & Go!
archer maclean's dropzone romArcher MacLean's Dropzone
college football usa '97 - the road to new orleans romCollege Football USA '97 - The Road To New Orleans
ea college football '97 romEA College Football '97
j league excite stage '94 romJ League Excite Stage '94
nhlpa hockey '93 romNHLPA Hockey '93
nobunaga's ambition romNobunaga's Ambition
winter olympic games - lillehammer '94 romWinter Olympic Games - Lillehammer '94
street hockey '95 (51328) romStreet Hockey '95 (51328)
race drivin' romRace Drivin'
dino dini's soccer romDino Dini's Soccer
kevin keegan's player manager romKevin Keegan's Player Manager
kirby's dream course .srm romKirby's Dream Course .srm
williams arcade's greatest hits romWilliams Arcade's Greatest Hits
simpsons, the - krusty's super fun house [a1] romSimpsons, The - Krusty's Super Fun House [a1]
j league excite stage '95 romJ League Excite Stage '95
brett hull hockey '95 romBrett Hull Hockey '95
hanna barbera's turbo toons romHanna Barbera's Turbo Toons
rock n' roll racing (beta) romRock N' Roll Racing (Beta)
izzy's quest for the olympic rings romIzzy's Quest For The Olympic Rings
metal slader glory - director's cut romMetal Slader Glory - Director's Cut
rockman's soccer romRockman's Soccer
shanghai ii - dragon's eye romShanghai II - Dragon's Eye
shien's revenge romShien's Revenge
kirby's dream course .zst romKirby's Dream Course .zst
boy's soccer team 5 (hack) romBoy's Soccer Team 5 (Hack)
fighter's history romFighter's History
yoshi's safari (joystick hack) romYoshi's Safari (Joystick Hack)
hal's hole in one golf romHal's Hole In One Golf
nigel mansell's world championship racing (v1.1) romNigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (V1.1)
magic johnson's super slam dunk romMagic Johnson's Super Slam Dunk
addams family, the - pugsley's scavenger hunt (beta) romAddams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (Beta)
j league excite stage '96 (v1.1) romJ League Excite Stage '96 (V1.1)
lee's album 2 (pd) romLee's Album 2 (PD)
j-league super soccer '95 romJ-League Super Soccer '95
puzzle'n desu! romPuzzle'n Desu!
dragon's magic romDragon's Magic
jrr tolkien's the lord of the rings - volume one romJRR Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings - Volume One
nfl quarterback club '96 (beta) romNFL Quarterback Club '96 (Beta)
zophar's domain two years demo (pd) romZophar's Domain Two Years Demo (PD)
lee's album 1 (pd) romLee's Album 1 (PD)
nigel mansell's world championship racing (v1.0) romNigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (V1.0)
marko's magic football romMarko's Magic Football
wizardry 4 - throb of the demon's heart (v1.1) romWizardry 4 - Throb Of The Demon's Heart (V1.1)
desert fighter (sat nov 09 '93) romDesert Fighter (Sat Nov 09 '93)
barkley's power dunk romBarkley's Power Dunk
fighter's history (beta) romFighter's History (Beta)
dragon's earth romDragon's Earth
j-league '96 dream stadium romJ-League '96 Dream Stadium
pop 'n' twinbee sample romPop 'N' Twinbee Sample
nhl '94 (beta) romNHL '94 (Beta)
larry nixon's super bass fishing romLarry Nixon's Super Bass Fishing
desert fighter (tue dec 07 '93) romDesert Fighter (Tue Dec 07 '93)
itoi shigesato's bass turi no.1 romItoi Shigesato's Bass Turi No.1
nfl quarterback club '96 romNFL Quarterback Club '96
madden nfl '93 romMadden NFL '93