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sega genesis roms
Game ROMs
super street fighter ii (europe) romSuper Street Fighter II (Europe)
road rash ii (usa, europe) (v1.2) romRoad Rash II (USA, Europe) (v1.2)
[bios] sega cd (v1.10) rom[BIOS] Sega CD (v1.10)
gauntlet iv (usa, europe) (en,ja) (august 1993) romGauntlet IV (USA, Europe) (En,Ja) (August 1993)
speedball 2 - brutal deluxe romSpeedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe
ys iii romYs III
prince of persia 2 - the shadow and the flame (europe) (proto) romPrince Of Persia 2 - The Shadow And The Flame (Europe) (Proto)
alex kidd - cheongong maseong (korea) romAlex Kidd - Cheongong Maseong (Korea)
flintstones, the romFlintstones, The
captain planet and the planeteers (europe) romCaptain Planet And The Planeteers (Europe)
simpsons, the - bart vs. the space mutants (usa, europe) (rev a) romSimpsons, The - Bart Vs. The Space Mutants (USA, Europe) (Rev A)
alex kidd in the enchanted castle (europe) (rev a) romAlex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle (Europe) (Rev A)
hook romHook
panorama cotton romPanorama Cotton
adventures of rocky and bullwinkle and friends, the romAdventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends, The
outrun (usa, europe) (sega smash pack) romOutRun (USA, Europe) (Sega Smash Pack)
lightening force - quest for the darkstar romLightening Force - Quest For The Darkstar
san guo zhi lie zhuan - luan shi qun ying (china) romSan Guo Zhi Lie Zhuan - Luan Shi Qun Ying (China)
castle of illusion - fushigi no oshiro daibouken romCastle Of Illusion - Fushigi No Oshiro Daibouken
bomboy (taiwan) (unl) romBomboy (Taiwan) (Unl)
rolling thunder 2 romRolling Thunder 2
pac-panic (europe) romPac-Panic (Europe)
aaahh!!! real monsters (europe) romAaahh!!! Real Monsters (Europe)
asterix and the great rescue romAsterix And The Great Rescue
beavis and butt-head (europe) romBeavis And Butt-Head (Europe)
super street fighter ii - the new challengers romSuper Street Fighter II - The New Challengers
show do milhao volume 2 (brazil) romShow Do Milhao Volume 2 (Brazil)
strider ii (europe) romStrider II (Europe)
super monaco gp (japan, europe) (en,ja) (rev a) romSuper Monaco GP (Japan, Europe) (En,Ja) (Rev A)
tecmo cup (proto) [b] romTecmo Cup (Proto) [b]
tiny toon adventures (korea) romTiny Toon Adventures (Korea)
donald in maui mallard (brazil) romDonald In Maui Mallard (Brazil)
road rash 3 (alpha) romRoad Rash 3 (Alpha)
virtual bart (world) romVirtual Bart (World)
ecco the dolphin ii romEcco The Dolphin II
lotus turbo challenge (usa, europe) romLotus Turbo Challenge (USA, Europe)
rambo iii (world) (v1.1) romRambo III (World) (v1.1)
star trek - the next generation - echoes from the past (v1.1) romStar Trek - The Next Generation - Echoes From The Past (v1.1)
ya se chuan shuo (china) (unl) romYa Se Chuan Shuo (China) (Unl)
two crude dudes (europe) romTwo Crude Dudes (Europe)
back to the future part iii (europe) romBack To The Future Part III (Europe)
sagaia romSagaia
triple play 96 romTriple Play 96
zombie high (proto) romZombie High (Proto)
cadash (usa, korea) romCadash (USA, Korea)
phantom 2040 romPhantom 2040
prince of persia (europe) romPrince Of Persia (Europe)
captain lang (en,ja) romCaptain Lang (En,Ja)
chao ji da fu weng (china) (unl) romChao Ji Da Fu Weng (China) (Unl)
dune ii - kampf um den wuestenplaneten (germany) romDune II - Kampf Um Den Wuestenplaneten (Germany)
streets of rage 3 (asia) romStreets Of Rage 3 (Asia)
viewpoint romViewpoint
[bios] sega cd 2 (v2.00w) rom[BIOS] Sega CD 2 (v2.00W)
mystical fighter romMystical Fighter
alien 3 (usa, europe) (rev a) romAlien 3 (USA, Europe) (Rev A)
mega games 2 (europe) romMega Games 2 (Europe)
revenge of shinobi, the (usa, europe) (rev a) romRevenge Of Shinobi, The (USA, Europe) (Rev A)
shadow blasters romShadow Blasters
vectorman (usa, europe) romVectorman (USA, Europe)
mickey mania - the timeless adventures of mickey mouse (beta) romMickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures Of Mickey Mouse (Beta)
toy story (sample) romToy Story (Sample)
demolition man (beta) romDemolition Man (Beta)
cyber-cop romCyber-Cop
indiana jones and the last crusade romIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade
micro machines military (europe) (j-cart) romMicro Machines Military (Europe) (J-Cart)
thunder force iv (europe) romThunder Force IV (Europe)
landstalker - die schatze von konig nolo (germany) romLandstalker - Die Schatze Von Konig Nolo (Germany)
taz in escape from mars romTaz In Escape From Mars
ultimate mortal kombat 3 (europe) romUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Europe)
earthworm jim 2 (europe) romEarthworm Jim 2 (Europe)
flashback - the quest for identity (alt 1) romFlashback - The Quest For Identity (Alt 1)
taz in escape from mars (europe) romTaz In Escape From Mars (Europe)
wacky races (proto) romWacky Races (Proto)
dynamite headdy romDynamite Headdy
splatterhouse part 3 (japan, korea) romSplatterhouse Part 3 (Japan, Korea)
alex kidd - tenkuu majou romAlex Kidd - Tenkuu Majou
jurassic park (beta) romJurassic Park (Beta)
mortal kombat 3 (europe) romMortal Kombat 3 (Europe)
spider-man (acclaim) (beta) (earlier) romSpider-Man (Acclaim) (Beta) (Earlier)
fantasia (world) romFantasia (World)
gunfight 3 in 1 (world) (unl) romGunfight 3 In 1 (World) (Unl)
saint sword romSaint Sword
[bios] sega cd (v1.00) rom[BIOS] Sega CD (v1.00)
exo squad romExo Squad
lemmings (europe) romLemmings (Europe)
starflight (usa, europe) (v1.1) romStarflight (USA, Europe) (v1.1)
thunder force iii (japan, usa) romThunder Force III (Japan, USA)
[bios] mega-cd (europe) (v1.00) rom[BIOS] Mega-CD (Europe) (v1.00)
ristar (usa, europe) (august 1994) romRistar (USA, Europe) (August 1994)
time trax (proto) romTime Trax (Proto)
battlemaster romBattlemaster
jeopardy! romJeopardy!
legende de thor, la (france) romLegende De Thor, La (France)
championship pro-am romChampionship Pro-Am
forgotten worlds (world) romForgotten Worlds (World)
sega channel demo (program) romSega Channel Demo (Program)
langrisser ii (v1.2) romLangrisser II (v1.2)
marko romMarko
saturday night slammasters romSaturday Night Slammasters
action 52 (unl) romAction 52 (Unl)