Playstation (PS1) ROMs

playstation roms
Game ROMsViews
resident evil 3 - nemesis [slus-00923] romResident Evil 3 - Nemesis [SLUS-00923]144,149
yu-gi-oh! - forbidden memories [slus-014.11] romYu-Gi-Oh! - Forbidden Memories [SLUS-014.11]30,215
tekken 3 [sces-01237] romTekken 3 [SCES-01237]54,415
crash bandicoot 3 - warped [scus-94244] romCrash Bandicoot 3 - Warped [SCUS-94244]35,449
metal slug x [slus-01212] romMetal Slug X [SLUS-01212]24,486
crash bandicoot [scus-94900] romCrash Bandicoot [SCUS-94900]45,811
marvel super heroes vs street fighter [slus-00793] romMarvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter [SLUS-00793]19,565
crash bandicoot 2 - cortex strikes back [scus-94154] romCrash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back [SCUS-94154]25,862
dragon ball gt -final bout [sles-03735] romDragon Ball GT -Final Bout [SLES-03735]23,193
final fantasy vii (disc 1) [sces-00867] romFinal Fantasy VII (Disc 1) [SCES-00867]23,669
grand theft auto 2 [slus-00789] romGrand Theft Auto 2 [SLUS-00789]23,883
digimon world [sles-02914] romDigimon World [SLES-02914]16,561
megaman x4 [slus-00561] romMegaman X4 [SLUS-00561]14,032
mortal kombat 4 [slus-00605] romMortal Kombat 4 [SLUS-00605]14,390
gran turismo 2 - simulation mode [scus-94488] romGran Turismo 2 - Simulation Mode [SCUS-94488]19,770
resident evil 2 (disc 1)(leon)[sles-00972] romResident Evil 2 (Disc 1)(Leon)[SLES-00972]23,133
harvest moon - back to nature [slus-01115] romHarvest Moon - Back To Nature [SLUS-01115]11,369
crash team racing [scus-94426] romCrash Team Racing [SCUS-94426]20,917
dragonballz-ultimate battle 22 [sles-03736] romDragonBallZ-Ultimate Battle 22 [SLES-03736]15,684
digimon world 3 [slus-01436] romDigimon World 3 [SLUS-01436]8,107
marvel vs. capcom - clashofthe superheroes[01059] romMarvel Vs. Capcom - Clashofthe SuperHeroes[01059]18,696
mortal kombat trilogy [slus-00330] romMortal Kombat Trilogy [SLUS-00330]14,053
x men vs. street fighter [slus-00627] romX Men Vs. Street Fighter [SLUS-00627]8,699
castlevania - symphony of the night [slus-00067] romCastlevania - Symphony Of The Night [SLUS-00067]30,017
metal gear solid (disc 1) [sles-01370] romMetal Gear Solid (Disc 1) [SLES-01370]20,414
spyro - year of the dragon [sces-02835].bin romSpyro - Year Of The Dragon [SCES-02835].bin14,520
final fantasy ix (disc 1) [sles-02965] romFinal Fantasy IX (Disc 1) [SLES-02965]7,769
spyro the dragon [sces-01438] romSpyro The Dragon [SCES-01438]23,878
silent hill [sles-01514] romSilent Hill [SLES-01514]13,841
need for speed - high stakes [slus-00826] romNeed For Speed - High Stakes [SLUS-00826]14,122
medal of honor [slus-00974] romMedal Of Honor [SLUS-00974]18,543
final fantasy viii (disc 1) [sles-02080] romFinal Fantasy VIII (Disc 1) [SLES-02080]9,151
diablo [slus-00619] romDiablo [SLUS-00619]13,297
crash bash [scus-94570] romCrash Bash [SCUS-94570]10,977
beyblade - let it rip! [slus-01489] romBeyblade - Let It Rip! [SLUS-01489]6,063
spiderman [slus-00875] romSpiderman [SLUS-00875]16,132
102 dalmatians - puppies to the rescue [slus-01152] rom102 Dalmatians - Puppies To The Rescue [SLUS-01152]3,391
dino crisis 2 [slus-01279] romDino Crisis 2 [SLUS-01279]8,293
megaman x6 [slus-01395] romMegaman X6 [SLUS-01395]7,603
rayman [sles-00049] romRayman [SLES-00049]9,782
resident evil 2 (disc 2)(claire)[sles-10972] romResident Evil 2 (Disc 2)(Claire)[SLES-10972]15,756
final fantasy vii [disc1of3] [scus-94163] romFinal Fantasy VII [Disc1of3] [SCUS-94163]7,929
ace combat 3 - electrosphere [slus-00972] romAce Combat 3 - Electrosphere [SLUS-00972]4,127
dragonballz-idainaru db densetsu [00355] romDragonBallZ-Idainaru DB Densetsu [00355]7,196
megaman x5 [slus-01334] romMegaman X5 [SLUS-01334]5,781
driver 2 [disc1of2] [slus-01161] romDriver 2 [Disc1of2] [SLUS-01161]8,110
tekken 2 [sces-00255] romTekken 2 [SCES-00255]6,027
gran turismo 2 - arcade mode [scus-94455] romGran Turismo 2 - Arcade Mode [SCUS-94455]5,591
dino crisis [slus-00922] romDino Crisis [SLUS-00922]6,535
megaman 8 [slus-00453] romMegaman 8 [SLUS-00453]5,868
twisted metal 2 [scus-94306] bin romTwisted Metal 2 [SCUS-94306] Bin8,404
legend of dragoon cd1 romLegend Of Dragoon CD15,128
grand theft auto ntsc-u slus-00106 romGrand Theft Auto NTSC-U SLUS-001067,301
tekken 3 [slus-00402] romTekken 3 [SLUS-00402]6,616
metal gear solid (disc 2) [sles-11370] romMetal Gear Solid (Disc 2) [SLES-11370]8,854
driver [sles-01816] romDriver [SLES-01816]7,537
final fantasy vii (disc 2) [sces-10867] romFinal Fantasy VII (Disc 2) [SCES-10867]6,498
bloody roar 2 [scus-94424] romBloody Roar 2 [SCUS-94424]5,711
jackie chan stuntmaster [slus-00684] romJackie Chan Stuntmaster [SLUS-00684]7,213
3xtreme [scus-94231] rom3Xtreme [SCUS-94231]3,698
legacy of kain - soul reaver (bin)[slus-00708] romLegacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver (bin)[SLUS-00708]5,612
harry potter and the chamber of secrets [slus 01503] romHarry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets [SLUS 01503]8,333
street fighter ex plus alpha [slus-00548] romStreet Fighter Ex Plus Alpha [SLUS-00548]5,673
fifa soccer 2005 [slus-01585] romFIFA Soccer 2005 [SLUS-01585]8,374
silent hill [slus-00707] romSilent Hill [SLUS-00707]5,505
street fighter alpha 3 [slus-00821] romStreet Fighter Alpha 3 [SLUS-00821]5,379
spiderman 2 enter electro [slus-01378] romSpiderman 2 Enter Electro [SLUS-01378]8,972
warcraft ii - the dark saga [slus-00480] romWarcraft II - The Dark Saga [SLUS-00480]6,665
gran turismo (edc) [sces-00984] romGran Turismo (EDC) [SCES-00984]6,565
final fantasy vii (disc 3) [sces-20867] romFinal Fantasy VII (Disc 3) [SCES-20867]4,622
spyro the dragon [scus-94228] romSpyro The Dragon [SCUS-94228]5,377
looney toons sheep raider bin [slus-01369] romLooney Toons Sheep Raider Bin [SLUS-01369]5,152
tenchu - stealth assassins [sles-01374] romTenchu - Stealth Assassins [SLES-01374]5,009
bomberman world [slus-00680] romBomberman World [SLUS-00680]5,404
king of fighters 95 [scus-94205] romKing Of Fighters 95 [SCUS-94205]3,358
digimon world 2 [slus-01193] romDigimon World 2 [SLUS-01193]4,075
need for speed iii hot pursuit [slus-00620] romNeed For Speed III Hot Pursuit [SLUS-00620]7,844
tony hawk s pro skater [slus-008.60] romTony Hawk S Pro Skater [SLUS-008.60]7,808
ape escape [scus-94423] romApe Escape [SCUS-94423]3,308
2xtreme [scus-94508] rom2Xtreme [SCUS-94508]1,433
batman forever - the arcade game [slus-00387] romBatman Forever - The Arcade Game [SLUS-00387]3,909
metal_gear_solid_[disc2of2][slus-00776] romMetal_Gear_Solid_[disc2of2][SLUS-00776]3,071
vigilante 8 2nd offense [slus-00868] romVigilante 8 2ND Offense [SLUS-00868]4,198
tomb raider 2 [slus-00437 romTomb Raider 2 [SLUS-004379,083
colin mcrae rally 2.0 [slus-01222] romColin McRae Rally 2.0 [SLUS-01222]3,469
final fantasy ix _(disc_2)_[sles-12965] romFinal Fantasy IX _(Disc_2)_[SLES-12965]3,290
3d baseball [slus-00066] rom3D Baseball [SLUS-00066]984
final fantasy viii _(disc_2)_[sles-12080] romFinal Fantasy VIII _(Disc_2)_[SLES-12080]3,805
grand theft auto - mission pack 1 - london 1969 [slus-00846] romGrand Theft Auto - Mission Pack 1 - London 1969 [SLUS-00846]3,794
twisted metal 4 [scus-94560] romTwisted Metal 4 [SCUS-94560]6,737
wwf smackdown 2 know your role [slus-01234] romWwf Smackdown 2 Know Your Role [SLUS-01234]6,525
final fantasy tactics [scus-94221] romFinal Fantasy Tactics [SCUS-94221]5,306
pac man world 20th anniversary [slus-00439] romPac Man World 20TH Anniversary [SLUS-00439]6,273
final fantasy chronicles - chrono trigger [slus-01363] romFinal Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger [SLUS-01363]3,466
road rash [slus-00035] romRoad Rash [SLUS-00035]5,166
alien resurrection [slus-00633] romAlien Resurrection [SLUS-00633]4,032
air hockey [slus-01467] romAir Hockey [SLUS-01467]1,368
mortal kombat 3 [scus-94201] romMortal Kombat 3 [SCUS-94201]4,697
final fantasy viii _(disc_3)_[sles-22080] romFinal Fantasy VIII _(Disc_3)_[SLES-22080]2,884
castlevania chronicles [slus-01384] romCastlevania Chronicles [SLUS-01384]7,167

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