Nintendo 64 (N64) ROMs

nintendo 64 roms
Game ROMsViews
mario kart 64 (v1.1) romMario Kart 64 (V1.1)480,510
super mario 64 romSuper Mario 64679,898
super smash bros. romSuper Smash Bros.423,764
legend of zelda, the - ocarina of time (v1.2) romLegend Of Zelda, The - Ocarina Of Time (V1.2)373,441
007 - golden eye rom007 - Golden Eye123,626
pokemon stadium 2 romPokemon Stadium 2140,206
mario party 3 romMario Party 3141,965
pokemon stadium (v1.1) romPokemon Stadium (V1.1)136,855
donkey kong 64 romDonkey Kong 64122,580
mortal kombat 4 romMortal Kombat 472,337
resident evil 2 romResident Evil 277,104
paper mario romPaper Mario92,309
killer instinct gold (v1.2) romKiller Instinct Gold (V1.2)36,107
star fox 64 (v1.1) romStar Fox 64 (V1.1)70,656
mortal kombat trilogy (v1.2) romMortal Kombat Trilogy (V1.2)57,135
mario party 2 romMario Party 272,834
star wars - shadows of the empire (v1.2) romStar Wars - Shadows Of The Empire (V1.2)34,026
pokemon snap romPokemon Snap36,176
legend of zelda, the - ocarina of time - master quest romLegend Of Zelda, The - Ocarina Of Time - Master Quest78,366
banjo-kazooie romBanjo-Kazooie59,611
spider-man romSpider-Man77,572
bomberman 64 romBomberman 6450,545
fifa 99 romFIFA 9931,082
mario party romMario Party75,060
rayman 2 - the great escape romRayman 2 - The Great Escape46,903
toy story 2 romToy Story 244,297
mega man 64 romMega Man 6429,596
south park romSouth Park28,064
mario tennis 64 romMario Tennis 6449,649
hoshi no kirby 64 romHoshi No Kirby 6441,537
diddy kong racing romDiddy Kong Racing47,759
biohazard 2 romBiohazard 236,516
doom 64 romDoom 6443,609
star wars - rogue squadron (v1.1) romStar Wars - Rogue Squadron (V1.1)31,832
f-zero x romF-ZERO X29,603
banjo-tooie romBanjo-Tooie28,616
007 - the world is not enough rom007 - The World Is Not Enough21,986
batman beyond - return of the joker romBatman Beyond - Return Of The Joker14,803
perfect dark (v1.1) romPerfect Dark (V1.1)28,799
mario kart 64 (v1.0) romMario Kart 64 (V1.0)29,427
wwf no mercy (v1.1) romWWF No Mercy (V1.1)25,994
mario tennis romMario Tennis14,673
mortal kombat mythologies - sub-zero romMortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero22,893
nascar 2000 romNASCAR 200013,750
harvest moon 64 romHarvest Moon 6418,016
1080 snowboarding rom1080 Snowboarding18,124
diddy kong racing (v1.1) romDiddy Kong Racing (V1.1)19,134
duke nukem 64 romDuke Nukem 6420,606
super mario 64 - shindou edition romSuper Mario 64 - Shindou Edition52,253
castlevania - legacy of darkness romCastlevania - Legacy Of Darkness24,490
turok 2 - seeds of evil romTurok 2 - Seeds Of Evil19,359
excitebike 64 romExcitebike 6420,088
bomberman 64 - arcade edition romBomberman 64 - Arcade Edition14,757
mario story romMario Story11,609
sonic wings assault romSonic Wings Assault10,216
wcw-nwo revenge romWCW-nWo Revenge13,999
star fox 64 romStar Fox 6415,370
superman romSuperman19,299
mario golf romMario Golf20,748
pokemon puzzle league romPokemon Puzzle League16,144
turok - dinosaur hunter (v1.2) romTurok - Dinosaur Hunter (V1.2)18,342
goldeneye 007 romGoldenEye 00718,194
paper mario (v2) romPaper Mario (v2)16,541
zelda no densetsu - mujura no kamen romZelda No Densetsu - Mujura No Kamen23,354
zelda no densetsu - toki no ocarina romZelda No Densetsu - Toki No Ocarina19,746
international superstar soccer 2000 romInternational Superstar Soccer 200010,370
international superstar soccer 64 romInternational Superstar Soccer 6415,437
worms - armageddon romWorms - Armageddon17,787
wwf wrestlemania 2000 romWWF WrestleMania 200013,940
star wars episode i - racer romStar Wars Episode I - Racer16,576
starcraft 64 romStarCraft 6412,476
dr. mario 64 romDr. Mario 6413,575
hot wheels turbo racing romHot Wheels Turbo Racing17,288
earthworm jim 3d romEarthworm Jim 3D13,056
hey you, pikachu! romHey You, Pikachu!14,025
road rash 64 romRoad Rash 6411,396
wave race 64 (v1.1) romWave Race 64 (V1.1)14,576
castlevania (v1.2) romCastlevania (V1.2)14,300
vigilante 8 - 2nd offense romVigilante 8 - 2nd Offense13,291
pokemon snap station romPokemon Snap Station10,706
hercules - the legendary journeys romHercules - The Legendary Journeys8,397
fifa - road to world cup 98 romFIFA - Road To World Cup 9811,018
lego racers romLEGO Racers13,000
nba live 2000 romNBA Live 20008,738
power rangers - lightspeed rescue romPower Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue11,909
transformers - beast wars metals 64 romTransformers - Beast Wars Metals 647,483
fighting force 64 romFighting Force 6410,849
indiana jones and the infernal machine romIndiana Jones And The Infernal Machine12,441
rampage - world tour romRampage - World Tour17,457
turok 3 - shadow of oblivion romTurok 3 - Shadow Of Oblivion10,570
nintendo all-star! dairantou smash brothers romNintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers20,975
gauntlet legends romGauntlet Legends17,715
tom and jerry in fists of furry romTom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry15,197
bomberman hero romBomberman Hero11,450
mission impossible romMission Impossible8,380
quake ii romQuake II14,011
fifa soccer 64 romFIFA Soccer 646,709
baku bomberman 2 romBaku Bomberman 26,870
f-1 world grand prix romF-1 World Grand Prix8,868
nba jam 2000 romNBA Jam 20009,772

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