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gameboy advance roms
Game ROMs
multiboot six pack 1 romMultiboot Six Pack 1
kunoichi yami (beta) gameboy advance romKunoichi Yami (Beta) Gameboy Advance
onimusha tactics (patience) romOnimusha Tactics (Patience)
muppets - on with the show! [h1i] romMuppets - On With The Show! [h1I]
famicom mini - vol 6 - pacman romFamicom Mini - Vol 6 - Pacman
rugrats - all grown up! - volume 1 romRugrats - All Grown Up! - Volume 1
strawberry shortcake - volume 1 romStrawberry Shortcake - Volume 1
2 in 1 - spyro 2 - season of flame & crash nitro kart rom2 In 1 - Spyro 2 - Season Of Flame & Crash Nitro Kart
prehistorik man romPrehistorik Man
2 in 1 - barenbruder & disney prinzessinen rom2 In 1 - Barenbruder & Disney Prinzessinen
2 in 1 - power rangers - la force du temps & ninja storm rom2 In 1 - Power Rangers - La Force Du Temps & Ninja Storm
bomberman jetters (eurasia) romBomberman Jetters (Eurasia)
kerplunk!, toss across, and tipit romKerPlunk!, Toss Across, And TipIt
megaman battle network (rocket) romMegaMan Battle Network (Rocket)
whac-a-mole romWhac-a-Mole
kaotik (pd) romKaotik (PD)
star wars episode iii - revenge of the sith (rivalroms) romStar Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (RivalRoms)
2 in 1 - el rey leon y disney princesas (s) rom2 In 1 - El Rey Leon Y Disney Princesas (S)
titeuf mega compet romTiteuf Mega Compet
international superstar soccer advance (lightforce) romInternational Superstar Soccer Advance (Lightforce)
dragon quest monsters - caravan heart (polla) romDragon Quest Monsters - Caravan Heart (Polla)
karnaaj rally romKarnaaj Rally
crash bandicoot xs (paracox) romCrash Bandicoot XS (Paracox)
mary-kate and ashley - sweet 16 - licensed to drive romMary-Kate And Ashley - Sweet 16 - Licensed To Drive
wild thornberrys, the - chimp chase romWild Thornberrys, The - Chimp Chase
castlevania - minuet of dawn (eurasia) romCastlevania - Minuet Of Dawn (Eurasia)
hamtaro - ham-ham games romHamtaro - Ham-Ham Games
super collapse ii romSuper Collapse II
rocket power - beach bandits romRocket Power - Beach Bandits
moto gp (menace) romMoto GP (Menace)
santa clause 3, the - the escape clause romSanta Clause 3, The - The Escape Clause
super robot wars original generation 2 romSuper Robot Wars Original Generation 2
scooby-doo gamepack romScooby-Doo Gamepack
lizzie mcguire 3 - homecoming havoc romLizzie McGuire 3 - Homecoming Havoc
castlevania - white night concerto (eurasia) romCastlevania - White Night Concerto (Eurasia)
phalanx - the enforce fighter a-144 romPhalanx - The Enforce Fighter A-144
x-men 2 - la vengeance de wolverine (patience) romX-Men 2 - La Vengeance De Wolverine (Patience)
need for speed - porsche unleashed (suxxors) romNeed For Speed - Porsche Unleashed (Suxxors)
rugrats - i gotta go party romRugrats - I Gotta Go Party
proud family, the romProud Family, The
famicom mini - vol 1 - super mario bros. romFamicom Mini - Vol 1 - Super Mario Bros.
koala brothers, the - outback adventures romKoala Brothers, The - Outback Adventures
shinchan contra los munecos de shock gahn (s) romShinchan Contra Los Munecos De Shock Gahn (S)
sim city 2000 (trashman) romSim City 2000 (TrashMan)
beyblade - ikuze! gekitou! chou jiryoku battle! romBeyblade - Ikuze! Gekitou! Chou Jiryoku Battle!
no rules get phat romNo Rules Get Phat
unfabulous romUnfabulous
lara croft tomb raider - the prophecy (mode7) romLara Croft Tomb Raider - The Prophecy (Mode7)
rocket power - zero gravity zone romRocket Power - Zero Gravity Zone
jonny moseley mad trix romJonny Moseley Mad Trix
sea trader - rise of taipan romSea Trader - Rise Of Taipan
yossy island - super mario advance 3 (cezar) romYossy Island - Super Mario Advance 3 (Cezar)
scrabble blast! romScrabble Blast!
starsky & hutch [h1i] romStarsky & Hutch [h1I]
sabrina the teenage witch - potion commotion romSabrina The Teenage Witch - Potion Commotion
hot potato! romHot Potato!
dungeons and dragons - eye of the beholder (patience) romDungeons And Dragons - Eye Of The Beholder (Patience)
super donkey kong romSuper Donkey Kong
medabots - metabee version (temp) romMedabots - Metabee Version (Temp)
disney pixar pack (rivalroms) romDisney Pixar Pack (RivalRoms)
my pet hotel romMy Pet Hotel
spirits & spells romSpirits & Spells
babar to the rescue romBabar To The Rescue
tetris advance romTetris Advance
rugrats - all grown up! - express yourself romRugrats - All Grown Up! - Express Yourself
gt advance 3 - pro concept racing (rdg) romGT Advance 3 - Pro Concept Racing (RDG)
2 in 1 - peter pan return to neverland & lilo and stitch 2 (supplex) rom2 In 1 - Peter Pan Return To Neverland & Lilo And Stitch 2 (sUppLeX)
wakeboarding unleashed featuring shaun murray romWakeboarding Unleashed Featuring Shaun Murray
konami krazy racers (cezar) romKonami Krazy Racers (Cezar)
rayman 3 - hoodlum havoc (eurasia) romRayman 3 - Hoodlum Havoc (Eurasia)
jurassic park iii - dino attack (lightforce) romJurassic Park III - Dino Attack (Lightforce)
custom robo gx (eurasia) romCustom Robo GX (Eurasia)
bomberman story (eurasia) romBomberman Story (Eurasia)
turok evolution (eurasia) romTurok Evolution (Eurasia)
shifting gears - road trip romShifting Gears - Road Trip
total soccer manager (menace) romTotal Soccer Manager (Menace)
2 in 1 - yu-gi-oh! double pack (supplex) rom2 In 1 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack (sUppLeX)
spy kids challenger romSpy Kids Challenger
kiss x kiss seirei gakuen romKiss X Kiss Seirei Gakuen
high heat major league baseball 2002 romHigh Heat Major League Baseball 2002
2 in 1 - scooby-doo & scooby-doo 2 rom2 In 1 - Scooby-Doo & Scooby-Doo 2
rocky [f1][hir00] romRocky [f1][hIR00]
the incredibles - rise of the underminer romThe Incredibles - Rise Of The Underminer
shrek 2 romShrek 2
pinky and the brain - the master plan (patience) romPinky And The Brain - The Master Plan (Patience)
worms blast (patience) romWorms Blast (Patience)
spider-man - the movie (patience) romSpider-Man - The Movie (Patience)
ninja cop (advance-power) romNinja Cop (Advance-Power)
doraemon midori no wakusei (perversion) romDoraemon Midori No Wakusei (Perversion)
rockman zero 4 romRockMan Zero 4
2 in 1 - yu-gi-oh! - destiny board traveler & yu-gi-oh! - dungeon dice monsters rom2 In 1 - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Destiny Board Traveler & Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dungeon Dice Monsters
kuru kuru kururin (mode7) romKuru Kuru Kururin (Mode7)
moto gp & gt advance 3 double pack romMoto GP & GT Advance 3 Double Pack
worms world party (venom) romWorms World Party (Venom)
the legend of spyro - a new beginning romThe Legend Of Spyro - A New Beginning
tron 2.0 - killer app (batman) romTron 2.0 - Killer App (BatMan)
san goku shi (c) romSan Goku Shi (C)
bionicle - heroes romBionicle - Heroes
bakuten shoot beyblade 2002 team battle! takao hen (paranoid) romBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 Team Battle! Takao Hen (Paranoid)
samurai evolution - oukoku geist (patience) romSamurai Evolution - Oukoku Geist (Patience)