Atari 2600 ROMs

atari 2600 roms
Game ROMsViews
pitfall! (1982) (activision) romPitfall! (1982) (Activision)118
pac-man (1981) (atari) [h1] romPac-Man (1981) (Atari) [h1]112
donkey kong (198x) romDonkey Kong (198x)60
mario bros (1983) (atari) (pal) romMario Bros (1983) (Atari) (PAL)63
128-in-1 junior console (chip 1) (pal) rom128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 1) (PAL)30
river raid (1982) (activision) romRiver Raid (1982) (Activision)33
space invaders (1978) (atari) (pal) romSpace Invaders (1978) (Atari) (PAL)41
mario bros (1983) (atari) romMario Bros (1983) (Atari)10
centipede (1982) (atari) romCentipede (1982) (Atari)54
galaga (river raid clone) romGalaga (River Raid Clone)25
robot tank tv by thomas jentzsch (2 joystick hack) romRobot Tank TV By Thomas Jentzsch (2 Joystick Hack)17
2-in-1 - frostbite and river raid rom2-in-1 - Frostbite And River Raid13
asteroids (1979) (atari) (pal) romAsteroids (1979) (Atari) (PAL)29
asteroids (1979) (atari) romAsteroids (1979) (Atari)46
dig dug (1983) (atari) romDig Dug (1983) (Atari)19
donkey kong (1983) (cbs electronics) (pal) romDonkey Kong (1983) (CBS Electronics) (PAL)15
boring donkey kong (donkey kong hack) romBoring Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Hack)8
e.t. the extra-terrestrial (1982) (atari) romE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari)24
pac-man (1981) (atari) romPac-Man (1981) (Atari)11
frogger (1982) (parker bros) romFrogger (1982) (Parker Bros)32
defender (1981) (atari) romDefender (1981) (Atari)18
enduro (1983) (activision) romEnduro (1983) (Activision)23
space invaders (1978) (atari) romSpace Invaders (1978) (Atari)16
pac-man (atari) (pal) romPac-Man (Atari) (PAL)23
seaquest (1983) (activision) romSeaquest (1983) (Activision)11
robotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (jeremy penner) [a1] romRobotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (Jeremy Penner) [a1]9
asteroids romAsteroids45
adventure (1978) (atari) romAdventure (1978) (Atari)42
missile command (1981) (atari) romMissile Command (1981) (Atari)18
128-in-1 junior console (chip 3) (pal) rom128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 3) (PAL)13
128-in-1 junior console (chip 2) (pal) rom128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 2) (PAL)7
atari 2600 invaders (space invaders hack) romAtari 2600 Invaders (Space Invaders Hack)10
spider-man (1982) (parker bros) romSpider-Man (1982) (Parker Bros)10
128-in-1 junior console (chip 4) (pal) rom128-in-1 Junior Console (Chip 4) (PAL)8
halloween (aka sexta fiera 13) (wizard video) romHalloween (AKA Sexta Fiera 13) (Wizard Video)19
pitfall 2 (1984) (activision) (pal) romPitfall 2 (1984) (Activision) (PAL)12
2 pak black - challenge, surfing (hes) (pal) rom2 Pak Black - Challenge, Surfing (HES) (PAL)6
moon patrol (1983) (atari) romMoon Patrol (1983) (Atari)13
megamania (1982) (activision) romMegamania (1982) (Activision)13
combat (1977) (atari) romCombat (1977) (Atari)14
chronocolor donkey kong (pd) romChronocolor Donkey Kong (PD)8
centipede (1982) (atari) (pal) romCentipede (1982) (Atari) (PAL)12
room of doom (commavid) romRoom Of Doom (CommaVid)8
32-in-1 (atari) (pal) rom32-in-1 (Atari) (PAL)16
mario bros (1983) (cce) romMario Bros (1983) (CCE)7
2-in-1 - freeway and tennis rom2-in-1 - Freeway And Tennis11
adventure ii (adventure hack) romAdventure II (Adventure Hack)8
tempest (atari) romTempest (Atari)7
keystone kapers (1983) (activision) romKeystone Kapers (1983) (Activision)7
galaxian (1983) (atari) romGalaxian (1983) (Atari)10
2 pak special blue - dungeon master,creature strike (1992) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Blue - Dungeon Master,Creature Strike (1992) (PAL)6
joust (1982) (atari) romJoust (1982) (Atari)7
jungle hunt (1982) (atari) (pal) romJungle Hunt (1982) (Atari) (PAL)6
robotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (jeremy penner) romRobotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (Jeremy Penner)3
pole position (1983) (atari) romPole Position (1983) (Atari)11
2 pak special red - motocross,boom bang (1990) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Red - Motocross,Boom Bang (1990) (PAL)6
enduro (cce) romEnduro (CCE)8
pepsi invaders (atari) romPepsi Invaders (Atari)12
superman (1978) (atari) romSuperman (1978) (Atari)12
rodeo champ (pal) romRodeo Champ (PAL)10
frogger (official version by sega) (1982) (starpath) romFrogger (Official Version By Sega) (1982) (Starpath)11
gangster (ariola) (pal) romGangster (Ariola) (PAL)10
20 sprites at once demo 1 (pd) rom20 Sprites At Once Demo 1 (PD)5
2 pak special black - challenge,surfing (hes) (pal) [a1] rom2 Pak Special Black - Challenge,Surfing (HES) (PAL) [a1]6
river raid (1982) (activision) (pal) romRiver Raid (1982) (Activision) (PAL)6
space invaders (1978) (atari) [t1] romSpace Invaders (1978) (Atari) [t1]6
ms. pac-man (1982) (atari) (pal) romMs. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari) (PAL)5
kc pacman (pac-man hack) romKC Pacman (Pac-Man Hack)6
haunted house (1981) (atari) romHaunted House (1981) (Atari)6
ms. pac-man (1982) (atari) romMs. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari)6
donkey kong junior (cce) romDonkey Kong Junior (CCE)6
2 pak special dark blue - planet patrol,wall defender (1990) (hes) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Dark Blue - Planet Patrol,Wall Defender (1990) (HES) (PAL)6
2 pak special light green - hoppy,alien force (hes) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Light Green - Hoppy,Alien Force (HES) (PAL)11
donkey kong 2k3 pic (pd) romDonkey Kong 2K3 Pic (PD)5
zelda (2003) (kyle pittman) (adventure hack) romZelda (2003) (Kyle Pittman) (Adventure Hack)6
adventures of tron (1983) (mattel) romAdventures Of Tron (1983) (Mattel)6
frostbite (1983) (activision) (pal) romFrostbite (1983) (Activision) (PAL)7
blob, the (cody pittman) (halloween hack) romBlob, The (Cody Pittman) (Halloween Hack)10
2 pak special magenta - caveblast,city war (1992) (hes) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Magenta - CaveBlast,City War (1992) (HES) (PAL)5
moon patrol (cce) romMoon Patrol (CCE)9
berzerk (1982) (atari) romBerzerk (1982) (Atari)11
2 pak special yellow - star warrior,frogger (1990) (hes) (pal) [a1] rom2 Pak Special Yellow - Star Warrior,Frogger (1990) (HES) (PAL) [a1]5
super futebol (american style) (cce) romSuper Futebol (American Style) (CCE)6
adventure (1978) (atari) (pal) romAdventure (1978) (Atari) (PAL)5
room of doom (commavid) (pal) romRoom Of Doom (CommaVid) (PAL)7
e.t. the extra-terrestrial (1982) (atari) (pal) romE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari) (PAL)5
phoenix (1982) (atari) romPhoenix (1982) (Atari)6
h.e.r.o. (1984) (activision) (pal) romH.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision) (PAL)9
2 pak special light green - hoppy,alien force (hes) (pal) [a1] rom2 Pak Special Light Green - Hoppy,Alien Force (HES) (PAL) [a1]6
alien pac-man (rev 2) by pacmanplus (alien hack) romAlien Pac-Man (Rev 2) By PacManPlus (Alien Hack)6
2 pak special yellow - star warrior,frogger (1990) (hes) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Yellow - Star Warrior,Frogger (1990) (HES) (PAL)5
mario bros (1983) (atari) (pal) [a1] romMario Bros (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1]7
kaboom! (1981) (activision) romKaboom! (1981) (Activision)6
snoopy and the red baron (1983) (atari) romSnoopy And The Red Baron (1983) (Atari)5
enduro (1983) (activision) (pal) romEnduro (1983) (Activision) (PAL)7
robotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (jeremy penner) [a2] romRobotfindskitten2600 (26-04-2003) (Jeremy Penner) [a2]6
raiders of the lost ark (1982) (atari) romRaiders Of The Lost Ark (1982) (Atari)11
spy hunter (1983) (sega) romSpy Hunter (1983) (Sega)9
aphex invaders (space invaders hack) romAphex Invaders (Space Invaders Hack)6
2 pak special orange - space voyage,fire alert (1992) (hes) (pal) rom2 Pak Special Orange - Space Voyage,Fire Alert (1992) (HES) (PAL)4

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