List of Game Consoles

ConsoleTotal ROMsTotal Views
gameboy advance romsGameboy Advance1,67415,167,873
super nintendo romsSuper Nintendo1,3729,698,950
nintendo 64 romsNintendo 642515,828,710
nintendo romsNintendo2,2563,416,884
playstation romsPlaystation1232,019,287
gameboy color romsGameboy Color6171,984,018
sega genesis romsSEGA Genesis1,0161,316,460
gameboy romsGameboy573863,649
mame romsMAME58932,196
dreamcast romsDreamcast40190,589
snk neo geo romsSNK Neo Geo44182,932
sega master system romsSega Master System123167,799
Sega Saturn41191,126
mame 037b11 romsMAME 037b1146126,771
atari 2600 romsAtari 260042121,948
amiga 500 romsAmiga 500199149,816
commodore 64 romsCommodore 644780,020
game gear romsGame Gear130110,744
nintendo famicom disk system romsNintendo Famicom Disk System5973,920
capcom play system 2 romsCapcom Play System 21633,285
atari 800 romsAtari 800124117,690
sega 32x romsSega 32X2637,876
nintendo virtual boy romsNintendo Virtual Boy1523,882
capcom play system romsCapcom Play System5141,535
Capcom Play System 3414,168
pc engine supergrafx romsPC Engine SuperGrafx55,684
atari 7800 prosystem romsAtari 7800 ProSystem3223,580
atari jaguar romsAtari Jaguar4021,764
msx-2 romsMSX-23926,883
msx computer romsMSX Computer3524,513
neo geo pocket color romsNeo Geo Pocket Color3419,265
atari 5200 supersystem romsAtari 5200 SuperSystem2817,280
atari st romsAtari ST7122,072
colecovision romsColecoVision1310,868
atari lynx romsAtari Lynx5521,007
sega pico romsSega Pico4321,382
bbc micro romsBBC Micro3354,381
wonderswan romsWonderSwan4229,326
neo geo pocket romsNeo Geo Pocket114,547
sufami turbo romsSuFami Turbo83,577
z-machine infocom romsZ-Machine Infocom63,294

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