List of Game Emulators

ConsoleTotal EmulatorsTotal Views
gameboy advance emulatorsGameboy Advance342,327,472
super nintendo emulatorsSuper Nintendo21867,765
nintendo 64 emulatorsNintendo 6431905,025
nintendo emulatorsNintendo26394,978
playstation emulatorsPlaystation16887,707
gameboy color emulatorsGameboy Color13199,608
sega genesis emulatorsSEGA Genesis12179,055
gameboy emulatorsGameboy13108,796
mame emulatorsMAME6193,653
snk neo geo emulatorsSNK Neo Geo10487,917
dreamcast emulatorsDreamcast894,268
Sega Saturn735,502
sega master system emulatorsSega Master System1132,913
amiga 500 emulatorsAmiga 500721,471
mame 037b11 emulatorsMAME 037b11534,186
capcom play system 2 emulatorsCapcom Play System 2575,317
atari 2600 emulatorsAtari 2600735,129
commodore 64 emulatorsCommodore 64927,061
nintendo famicom disk system emulatorsNintendo Famicom Disk System420,672
game gear emulatorsGame Gear1123,756
sega 32x emulatorsSega 32X536,798
Capcom Play System 3229,273
atari 800 emulatorsAtari 80026,349
nintendo virtual boy emulatorsNintendo Virtual Boy26,512
msx computer emulatorsMSX Computer13,900
pc engine supergrafx emulatorsPC Engine SuperGrafx614,379
msx-2 emulatorsMSX-237,904
atari 7800 prosystem emulatorsAtari 7800 ProSystem25,374
atari jaguar emulatorsAtari Jaguar38,773
atari st emulatorsAtari ST57,488
turbografx 16 emulatorsTurboGrafx 16555,798
neo geo pocket color emulatorsNeo Geo Pocket Color38,805
colecovision emulatorsColecoVision47,216
atari lynx emulatorsAtari Lynx38,310
atari 5200 supersystem emulatorsAtari 5200 SuperSystem13,824
wonderswan emulatorsWonderSwan28,003
bbc micro emulatorsBBC Micro12,765

Emulators for all the popular consoles on this site. Emulators load the ROMs that you download and emulate the console system, which lets you play the ROMs locally on your computer. Download Emulators for the ROMs you want to play. We have many emulators you can download for all the consoles, including Nintendo 64 Emulators, Gameboy Advance Emulators, SEGA Emulators, PlayStation Emulators, Atari Emulators and more! If you need help installing the Emulators or playing the ROMs in the Emulator, then look at the tutorials in the Help section.